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About Us

Malacca Woodwork has been established since 1957, is well known for its specialty as an antique-styled furniture manufacturer. Over the years, we have endured, prospered and received many worthy tributes.

We believe our success is based on a combination of the following :

  1. Fine & Skilful Craftsmanship:
    • The tradition of quality French polishing rub-in method is still in use.
    • Use of lasting age-old joinery techniques, similar features found in the collectors’ old antique fine furniture, for example: the dovetailing as well as mortise & tenon joinery.
  2. The ability to integrate new technologies, incorporating several kiln driers for precision moisture control when drying the raw heavy hardwood of Malaysian timber called Merbau. Adding on to the credit, the construction of the ‘Floating Panel’ to withstand the severe central heating climatic conditions, has stood the test of time.
  3. Each piece of the furniture from Classic to Contemporary Styles is exquisitely crafted.
  4. Investment Quality
    • Our company’s commitment to quality design & construction, makes the furniture you purchase today with ageless elegance will be the valued antique of tomorrow.

If Style & Versatility is what you need, we invite you to explore and discover the possibilities to custom- made options.

Malacca Woodwork makes your dreams a reality and the tradition of excellence continues!

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